Liberty Roofing Centers

You’ve always taken your own path. Stood up for what you believe in. Made your own choices. This country was carved out of the same independent spirit, and so were Liberty Roofing Centers.

We’ve offered better choices to our customers since the very beginning: better roofing and exterior materials, better, more personalized service, better advice and know-how.

Our choice is, and always will be, to treat every customer like a friend and neighbor. To earn their business by going the extra mile. To build strong and enduring relationships that last the test of time.

We know that you have a choice of roofing solutions and exterior building products suppliers. That’s why we developed the Liberty Bill of Rights. It hangs on every wall, in every branch, and our people deliver on it every day. So, when it comes time to choose a supplier that will stand up for your rights, remember: You have a right to Liberty.


Our Values

At Liberty, we believe that:

SHARING KNOWLEDGE helps us find ways to improve our business for the benefit of all.

INTEGRITY defines how we do what we say.

LONG-TERM thinking frames our decision-making to help secure a brighter future.

PERFORMANCE ensures that we will never stop trying to improve ourselves.

HUMILITY creates honest, open, and respectful relationships among all.

AGILITY, combined with knowledge, helps us deliver sound decisions quickly.


We are passionate about protecting people, property and the environment. Our safety principles translate into a vision that commits us to being a leader in health and safety by creating an injury-free workplace.

Incidents and injuries are preventable, and are the end result of a unique chain of events and conditions. The role of all our employees is to foresee these acts and eliminate them before they occur. We have a fully developed dedicated Health & Safety team that has created comprehensive safety programs and practices. Employees receive comprehensive training on the safe way to approach daily work activities and are recognized for their accomplishments.