IKO Shingles Available from Liberty Roofing Center for Contractors in the Greater Philadelphia, PA, Area

IKO Shingles Philadelphia PABuilders seeking roofing materials for their projects can end their search with IKO shingles from Liberty Roofing Center – the roofing supply company to count on in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These premium, high-performance asphalt shingles are pound for pound among the heaviest shingles available on the market. That’s because IKO shingles are made with more asphalt, less fillers, and a heavier fiberglass matting than competing brands. All of these features combine to create a level of durability and reliability for contractors that simply cannot be matched by other shingles.

IKO shingles from Liberty Roofing Center are available in three different styles, including traditional 3-tab, architectural laminated, and premium designer to meet the specific design requirements of almost any roofing project in the Philadelphia, PA, area. Additionally, IKO shingles:

  • Are a cost-effective alternative to other asphalt shingles because they can be installed using fewer shingles per square and less roofing materials
  • Resist unsightly streaking caused by algae that can damage regular asphalt shingles over time
  • Come backed by IKO’s 15-year Iron Clad Protection to ensure your purchase is protected for years to come
  • Are available in a number of different color options to create a perfect match with customer preferences

Plus, here at Liberty Roofing Center, we work tirelessly to ensure the complete satisfaction of the contractors and builders we serve. Our team leaves no stone – or shingle – unturned, and we’ll do everything we can to guarantee that our customers receive complete orders and prompt, on-time deliveries of their roofing materials.


If you are interested in purchasing IKO shingles for your next roofing project in the Philadelphia, PA, metro area, contact Liberty Roofing Center today. We are forging a new way to do business in the roofing supply industry, and we look forward to showing you how.