Liberty Roofing Center Supplies IKO Shingles for Contractors and Builders Throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region

IKO ShinglesIKO shingles from Liberty Roofing Center – the go-to building supply distributor in the Mid-Atlantic – are among the highest quality shingle products on the market. Available in three separate designs, including traditional architectural laminated, premium designer, and traditional 3-tab, these ultramodern roofing products can meet the design specifications of almost any roofing project. IKO shingle products offer the perfect blend of durability, easy installation, and even affordability.

The ultramodern asphalt roofing products we offer are sure to benefit both you and your customers. That’s because IKO shingles are:

  • Cost-effective – Compared to other shingle products, IKO shingles require, on average, four to six fewer shingles to complete a typical roofing square. Over the duration of a project, this may help to improve contractor profitability because fewer roofing materials – shingles and nails – are needed to complete the job.
  • Easy to install – IKO shingles allow you to save on time as well because they can be installed faster than most competing brands and require fewer nails.
  • Durable – These shingles feature fewer fillers, heavier fiberglass matting, and more asphalt, making IKO the heaviest shingle available to builders and their customers.

In addition to superior shingles, Liberty Roofing Center also provides customer service that simply cannot be matched by the competition in the area. Our highly trained staff can provide product recommendations for your job site, and will work closely with you along the way to ensure you receive your order in full and that all of your roofing products are delivered on time.

For more information about the benefits of choosing IKO shingles over competing brands, contact Liberty Roofing Center today. We have earned a reputation as the building supply distributor to trust in the Mid-Atlantic region thanks to high-quality products and unrivaled customer service.